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Friday, March 14, 2014

Joy and The Roni Roll

My little hometown in Upstate New York is close to another small town in Upstate New York called Oneonta.  This town holds on to what works and one of the special treats that has always worked is called the Roni Roll.  This tasty piece of deliciousness is served out of a little family, owned restaurant named Joe Ruffino's, though everyone knows we just call it Ruffino's.  If you are ever in the neighborhood, it is highly recommended to stop in.  You'll be greeted by friendly staff and are guaranteed to enjoy the cuisine.

Roni rolls and joy are my topic today because yesterday was a bit blue.  My beloved cousin and his wife had some of these little rolls of heaven shipped to my family from Oneonta.  They arrived and cheered us all during our slump of worry.  Not only was dinner ready without a fuss, but the smiles on the faces of my family elevated my mood instantly.

Joy can reach you if you let it.  My cousin didn't have to take the time to ship these.  His selfless act of kindness, along with the pleasure of devouring the roni rolls pulled me from the doldrums and there's a skip in my step this morning.  I will meander through my day with gratitude.  As a goal for the day, I will try to pay it forward.  This is not an unusual goal, but it's got a spotlight on it today.

Kindness makes people happy.  Both "pitchers" and "catchers" benefit from kindness.  There are too many studies to mention that have proven this very thought.  Spreading it takes action!  Here are some ideas you can use to get started you today.

1.  Make an unexpected phone call to someone who has been out of touch.

2.  Genuinely compliment a stranger.

3.  Find a volunteer opportunity and follow through with it.

4.  Write down 5 reasons you love your spouse and gift it to them.

5.  Surprise your children.  It doesn't really matter what you do, kids LOVE surprises.

6.  Prepare dinner for someone who is sick.

7.  Right a wrong.

8.  Find a picture of someone you are missing and tag it on FB.

9.  Anonymously buy dinner for a stranger.

10.  Create a plan for kindness throughout your week.

If even one of these ideas works for you, then you can spread kindness and joy today and not just during Christmas.  Each of us could use a daily reminder that our happiness is in our hands.  One particular way to spark the happy energy is to consciously try to spread kindness to others.  As I am only one person, I'd like to see what others come up with to spread their joy and kindness too.

Ruffino's and Josh, thank you for making my day a bit brighter!  Hopefully your days are as bright as mine.  I wholeheartedly hope to see you both soon.


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